Total Cost of Investment

The total budget for the project outside the multi-theme park for the medical tourism pillar is projected to amount to
EUR 300.000.000.

Turnover forecasts, the 1ST Year after materialization of the investment

User Case Scenario


This is a worldwide Decision making support system that will provide its users the following services:

  1. Custodian services for copyright and patent issues
  2. Counseling services for the funding of ideas
  3. Capitalization services for the ideas. How to transform mind into money
  4. Funding organization services for the ideas not using the usual banking methods
  5. Services for organized display when searching scientific and commercial cooperation
  6. Bank services

The decision support systems that we will use compose a specific software system based on knowledge-based systems that support decision making

Users Every owner of an idea that can enter the real economy when developed can be a user.

  1. The user subscribes to the system if he agrees on the terms of agreement concerning our services and our pricelist for these services.
  2. After he agrees on the terms of agreement he completes an Application form.
  3. The Annual subscription fee will be 100€.
  4. The system will require personal data for identification in order to Know Your Customer – K.Y.C.
  5. The user completes in the language if his choice a questionnaire with the format Yes/No (0…..9).
  6. The system registers the request and automatically analyses it to solve the user problem and provide with potential funding on his innovation.
  7. The system automatically updates a Correlation Random Data Base Management Information System – C.R.D.B.M.I.S.
  8. It correlates the users request with possible other similar requests and their solutions.
  9. If for the user request we had more than one interested parties to satisfy it, then the system updates the user and suggests the interested party with the most possibilities for a successful cooperation.
  10. After the user selects the interested party then…
  11. The payment agreement of our services is signed.
  12. The Transactions agreement is tracked by a trading desk and the user settles his monetary obligations.

Investment’s cost/profit center

Structured Finance. (Variety of tools)

Never put all your eggs in 1 basket

Never invest more than what you cannot afford to lose.

A. Crypto currency Funding or and

  • ETHEREUM Market
  • Lite coin
  • Bit coin
  • Ripple
  • ICO
  • Token etc.

B. International Bond Loan (Classic Method) or and

  1. Mass development acts as a “conduit” in order to capitalize the needed loans with proceeds from Bond purchases
  2. Loan is pledged to repay Bonds
  3. The Bank underwrites, set terms and conditions and manages the relationship the same as for the loan

C. OTC (Over the Counter) Funding or and

An over-the-counter (OTC) market and an exchange market are the two basic ways of organizing financial markets.

OTC markets are therefore less transparent than exchanges and are also subject to fewer regulations.

Medical ilicon Valley - Group of Basic Companies

No. Company name Activity Established in
1 M.S.V.I.F (s.a) International fund The MSV International Investment Fund S.A, will recognize the important role of investment funds globally and the responsibilities of such funds to their investors. It will dedicated to:
  1. Advancing the interests of investment fund investors
  2. Facilitating the continued growth of the investment funds sector internationally
  3. Promoting public understanding of investment funds around the world
  4. Encouraging adherence to sound practices and high ethical standards by all participants in the investment funds industry e.g. Small investors, strategic investors
CHINA - Hong Kong
2 NBFC S.A. Non-Banking Financial Company NBFC can offer:
  1. Banking services such as loans and credit facilities
  2. Money markets
  3. Underwriting and merger activities.
CHINA - Hong Kong
3 IP Intellectual Property company
Owner - Dr. Perdikaris.G. Michael (The founder of M.S.V.)
Valuable business asset company B.V.I. or NEVADA
4 Medical Silicon Valley Ltd UK
  1. Contract documents include drawings
  2. Project manual
  3. Addendum or modifications issued prior to proposal/ bidding ad
  4. Prepared by a design professional such as an architect and
  5. Finally development services
Main contractor company of:
  1. Monitoring
  2. Banking and Financial advising management.
  3. Technical Management.
  4. S/W management
  5. Human Resources(Advisory)
  6. Legal supporting - links
  7. Risk management
  8. Development of the project
Existing in UK
5 M.S.V. Holding Investment Group S.A.
MSV Holding Investment Group S.A. will be an international investment holding company based in CHINA and in Southeast Europe (SEE). The Company will take advantage of an expanding array of investment opportunities in China and rest of word.
Vision Statement The investment portfolio will include sectors-leading companies, grouped into Healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology incubators, Trusts, Foundations, banking and Financial services, Stock Excange Foods technology, genetics, Klinical Trials, Alternative medicine & medical Tourism. China & Europe
6 MSV MEDICAL Investment Bank SA
M.S.V. Bank will be an international bank with multiple stockholders and will belong to the doctors that will want a number of stocks, the doctors’ pension funds, the strategic investors and the founders.
Our goals:
  1. Funding the M.S.V. and its companies, foundations, organizations and trusts.
  2. Supporting medical actions.
  3. Promoting the policies of the World Health Organization and the policies of China for healthcare within and outside of its borders.
  4. 65% of its funds will be available to finance innovative actions of M.S.V.
  5. Providing advice and technical support to maximize the productivity of its funds.
Hong Kong
7 MEDICAL Venture Capital association S.A.
M.S.V. Bank will be an international bank with multiple stockholders and will belong to the doctors that will want a number of stocks, the doctors’ pension funds, the strategic investors and the founders.
The capitals for business funding will originate from:
  1. Private equity companies and Public funds
  2. Asset management companies
  3. International Donors
  4. International sponsors
  5. International legacies
  6. International Trusts
  7. Individual Funds

From funds for Humanitarian Development Projects into Development Assistances countries
8 MSV MEDICAL Stock exchange S.A. The goal of the stock exchange that we will create is to operate in the following markets:
  1. The primary value market
  2. The secondary value market.
  3. Future, options & swaps.
  4. Crypto currencies.
  5. The market for innovation and applied science that can be turned into businesses.
  6. The purpose of the stock exchange is to access the funds and the capital of high technology businesses of the medical sector.
  7. It will operate under the international terms for stock markets.
It will have stock indices that will be shaped from the companies that will decide to enter the stock market.
9 MSV Insurance Association S.A
This will be a small and versatile insurance and counter insurance mechanism which will cooperate with the existing insurance companies. Our customers will be all the members, stockholders, donors, contributors and everyone involved in the M.S.V.
Our innovation will be a counter insurance product we have named I.D.S. Insurance Default Swap. The I.D.S. does not exist today as well as its negotiation market. Swiss
10 M.S.V.- Monitoring management Implementing and Monitoring Investment Project
The MSV project manager should focus on the management of resources, time, product, services, and risk, not on individual technical tasks such as design.
Greece-Athens & China
11 Platform to produce clinical protocols Org. We will connect all the doctors in the world who are around diseases, treatments applied and the results of each treatment. Swiss & China
12 Financial networking for Face to Face transactions BSS500 SA WHAT DOES THE BSS500 PROJECT:
The project concerns the development of an Integrated Platform called BSS500 that is mediating for transactions between 2 parties (Seller and Buyer) that can come from any different parts of the world. We are using an Intelligent Internet platform to be able to find customers from any part of the world and do business worldwide and not only in local markets. Such Transactions are not only for products (such as Oil, Gold etc.) and Real Estate but also for Financial Assets (Funds, Bank Guarantees, Sponsoring, Donations etc.).
13 Scientific networking platform Org Is a matching platform between 2 or more scientists, for bid-ask cooperation. China & Swiss
14 Platform for the stock exchange.S.A. Artificial intelligent platform for active traders international China
15 Platform to seek talents in medical research, medical sciences and covering the requirements of the real economy Org. We will keep a full record of every job candidate who has ever been sourced by, or applied to, a company. Search the talents with a smart psycho.and job questioner , we will built a parametric holistic model for any candidate, including resumes, automatically sourced social media accounts, and feedback from your hiring teams. China - Greece
16 Creating a network between the research centers and labs to address new businesses SA Administrated internet platform for new business in medical sector. China
17 MSV Satellite enterprises It will concern , a satellite broadcasting network, through which it will run standard promo video for innovative products and actions of medicine. This network will collaborate with terrestrial and other TV stations, broadcasting 24 hours a day. Also, any demand for a product or innovation, will be supported by the Bank and dozens of other companies of M.S.V. China & Panama
18 MSV Amusement & Entertainment Services S.A. In the MSV Park will operate various profit centers as follow:
  1. From royalties of the Development of Business startups of Technology Park (Minim F.)
  2. From Laboratory's services
  3. From Conference's services
  4. From International Publishing services
  5. From amusement and recreation services.
19 MSV Platform for on demand Medical Tourism facilities S.A. It’s a smart one client facilitation network for health services, credit facility of each patient and his companions, who decide to go for treatment in another country. China - Swiss
20 MSV Internet platform for Hospital facilities wordwide S.A. It’s a best business expert Internet platform about Hospital facilities globally. In this network node, will be connected, every doctor, every hospital every insurance company and every credit institution wishing to work with us to promote their services. Our services, other than communication services, will provide the user, with quick decision services for the journey of the patient and cheaper packages. There will also be health services evaluation system, which will be known only to the customers - users China - Swiss

Guarantees & Securisation

  1. We will provide all the needed guarantees to covering various risks of the MSV project.
  2. We are building a specific project with a large risk diversification.
  3. We are building a low-risk investment project because it targets a huge special clientele such as: Doctors, research universities, medical companies, international trusts etc
  4. We are building the future in Medical Technology sector.