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"Medical Silicon Valley"




  1. A unique and multifunctional technological park for medical innovation and technology which will be powered with the worldwide knowledge from its own network of doctors, researchers, technological incubators, research universities and dozens of others research and development structures. The goal of the park will be to collect, organize, evaluate and verify every information that may produce a social and economic result for the medical sciences that treat to the people
  2. A worldwide economic center in China that will provide the Medical Silicon Valley the necessary financial funds to operate. This will also include an international investment bank, stock market, high technology businesses for medical purposes and development as well as international funds, private equities, international donor’s foundations, international sponsoring, and secondary and crypto currency market that will cooperate in harmony for the next generation of medicine.
  3. Finally, a theme park which will support the medical tourism both in Greece and China will complete phase one of this investment group.

The "Medical Silicon Valley org"

The Medical Silicon Valley LTD in UK was founded in 2018 in order to create an original and multipurpose technological organization for medical innovation and technology that will be powered from worldwide knowledge from a huge network of doctors, researchers, universities and other national and private structures of medical research and development. Our goal is to have access to every information that may better the universal status of medicine.

This action is the initiative of a small group of Greek scientists in order to materialize the vision of Michael Perdikaris and Nikoletta Kaperonis.

This investment initiative in now supported by many scientists around the world.

Your country is the first to hear of this investment. There will be following announcements in other countries to achieve the maximum potential participation of the universal medical community.

This is an investment that should know no borders and nationalities. Health should be everyone’s prerogative and medical treatment should be accessible by all. That is why what we suggest is a cooperation in harmony of everyone that has knowledge on medicine and how to be productive and efficient in bettering the health and medical treatment and advancement of all.

We want to create template parks of high technology businesses in China that will organize the human mind of every person that works in the medical field. It will be a composition of the universal medical knowledge.

The basic software system will be consisted of management subsystems in order to organize information on medical biotechnology, genetic engineering, molecular biology, medical equipment, medicine, alternative medical treatments etc.

The initial goal of this organization will be achieved when the Medical Silicon Valley begins its operation in China.

Letter from our Founder

Perdikaris Michael
Founder of MSV

Dear conventioneers and friends of China

China is a country that has left its cultural print on this planet and has walked side by side with the small country of Greece, where I come from.

The beautiful Greece, birthplace of Alexander the Great, Aristotle, Plutarch, Socrates, Plato, Hippocrates and hundreds of others philosophers, mathematicians and scientists that have taught humanity that knowledge, sense and democracy are a prerogative of everyone on Earth.

This Earth that holds the legacy of everyone that has done great good and great evil.

Thank you very much

My team and I, have decided to suggest your great country something unique. Its name is “Medical Silicon Valley” which highlights the innovation concerning the medical sector.

This is not an ordinary investment. It is an experiment for the cooperation of our people. For our actions, our mind and our friendship. There is no nation today that can achieve its peoples’ prosperity on its own. The world’s progress is an everyday process. This progress is most of the times the result of cooperation. That is why organized cooperation is necessary. But national borders often put hilt into organized international cooperation.

We want to change that for a very important part of our existence. The sector of health. In this sector the products or newer research are only available to the people that have the money to acquire them. And, most of the times, not a moment too soon.

The acquisition of special medical services from health organization such as “La prairie”, “Mayo Clinic” etc, is a privilege that only a few people on this planet can afford.

For the rest of the people such exquisite services are limited. Instead we have very good doctors that are unable to do their job correctly, sometimes, due to factors such as limited time or insufficient payment as well as too few doctors for an ever expanding population.

This is where this investment comes in

We unite every doctor on Earth, through one platform, and create one of the biggest, rapid growing medical banks in the world, with over $ 3.2 billion available yearly. This will happen with only a very small annual fee.

From these capital we can estimate a profit of $ 0.88 billion.

This way, we can finance a doctor from a bank that is not in his country and vouch for him for a potential loan in order to lengthen his expertise in medical science and take medical knowledge a bit further one doctor at a time.

Today’s banks are in no position to do this due to high risk in cash flow. The United States crisis of 2007 has changes the economic pacing internationally. Capital transactions through target 2 securities etc. has decreased financing drastically.

Today the steadily rising bit coin, etherium, etc. market is prominent. The M.S.V. will have its own currency. There is also the thought for multiple financing sources such as warrants, convertible bonds and finally stocks, as well as grants, donations and crowd funding.