Letter of Investment

Investment Form

[4][3], 2020

[Dr./Mr./Ms.][Dr. Περδικάρης.Γ.Μιχάλης] Ιδρυτής & κ. Καπερόνη Νικολέττα συνιδρύτρια

20-22, Wenlock Road

Dear Mr. Perdikaris Michael

Subject: Letter of Investment

Regarding your request for a letter of intent to participate as a strategic investor in the above investment proposal, named "Medical Silicon Valley", I hereby confirm and clarify our intention to invest the amount of $ in [ medical silicon valley Ltd UK] by the end of [4][2020].

Conditions for Investment:

Please specify how many numbers of the investment stock and what kind of the stock (common or preferred)
*Please note that this letter is valid after signing an official Memorandum of Agreement and KYC procedures.