World Medical Investment Bank
A global investment bank of doctors from all over the world

M.S.V. Banking Industry

M.S.V. Bank will be an international bank with multiple stockholders and will belong to the doctors that will want a number of stocks, the doctors’ pension funds, the strategic investors and the founders. Its goals are the following:
  1. Funding the M.S.V. and its companies, foundations, organizations and trusts.
  2. Supporting medical actions.
  3. Promoting the policies of the World Health Organization and the policies of China for healthcare within and outside of its borders.
  4. 65% of its funds will be available to finance innovative actions of M.S.V.
  5. Providing advice and technical support to maximize the productivity of its funds.

What will the M.S.V. Bank do

The M.S.V. Bank will borrow funds from the markets and continuously, it will give them as loans with lenient terms, prioritizing stockholders and members who want to achieve their goals. Any person, company or foundation of the medical community will be able to become a member with a minimum annual fee for the services we will provide. Our goal is to have as a member every doctor between 25-45 years of age, without excluding other ages. The M.S.V. Bank will grant loan up to € 25 million. For larger amounts it will function as a syndicated foundation. For smaller amounts it will open credit lines for financial institutions that will proceed to grant loans in creditors.

How will the M.S.V. Bank operate

It will take decisions regarding loans based on the advantages of every investment plan and the capabilities provided by the markets of the Asian and the European zone. The M.S.V. Bank will independently take its own decisions to take and grant loans and will cooperate with other organizations such as the W.H.O., the World Bank and the D.A.C. Committee.

The M.S.V. Bank and its customers

If you have a practice, a private clinic, a drugstore business etc. And you are interested in making healthcare better and widely accessible, then you may be eligible for a loan from the M.S.V. Bank. To apply for a loan, give a donation or for any other bank related service you can communicate through the bank’s special platforms depending on the matter.

M.S.V. Exchange

The goal of the stock exchange that we will create is to operate in the following markets:
  1. The primary value market.
  2. The secondary value market.
  3. Future, options & swaps.
  4. Crypto currencies.
  5. The market for innovation and applied science that can be turned into businesses.
  6. The purpose of the stock exchange is to access the funds and the capital of high technology businesses of the medical sector.
  7. It will operate under the international terms for stock markets.
  8. It will have stock indices that will be shaped from the companies that will decide to enter the stock market.

M.S.V.- International Venture Capital Association

A pure Venture Capital company that will operate under international law. The capitals for business funding will originate from:
  1. Private equity companies and Public funds
  2. Asset management companies
  3. International Donors
  4. International sponsors
  5. International legacies
  6. International Trusts
  7. Individual Funds
  8. From funds for Humanitarian Development Projects into Development Assistances countries


The members of the M.S.V. –International Venture capital association will be all the investors that put their capitals to fund new businesses. Our innovation is that we will operate under the international rules and mechanisms of the Venture Capitals while we increase the funds invested in companies we select with Risk and Return on investment.

M.S.V. Insurance Association

This will be a small and versatile insurance and counter insurance mechanism which will cooperate with the existing insurance companies. Our customers will be all the members, stockholders, donors, contributors and everyone involved in the M.S.V. Our innovation will be a counter insurance product we have named I.D.S. Insurance Default Swap. The I.D.S. does not exist today as well as its negotiation market. Only the C.D.S. – Credit Default Swaps market exists today with a daily turnover of approximately $ 43 billion.

What is I.D.S.

It’s an insurance contract between two parties that will cover the risk of not paying e.g. a loan. It’s a highly technical issue and will be only announced to the investors. This product will create an international I.D.S. negotiation market with similar rules to the C.D.S. but also with many innovations. Our customers will be anyone who takes bank loans or make contractual agreements that have credit risk or other risks. This has no competition today and the know how has been developed but is not on the market. The rules will be similar to the rules of the C.D.S. and some of them will be similar to the stock exchange.

Medical Silicon Valley China

Includes a total of investments in the technology campus in China which will be set up using a network of companies with physical presence in the campus which will operate in direct cooperation with park's services. We do not refer to an industrial area like silicon campus

It is technology campus in China which will be assembled by a total of companies - (centers of incomes) which will operate in direct cooperation with the campus.

Medical Technological Park

MSV - MEDICAL TECHNOLOGICAL PARK will be an open theme park of high tech businesses that will combine structures of research and development, research labs, and innovation companies on the medical sector.

The park will have technology incubators on multiple sections of medical research as well as a unique amusement and entertainment park.

It will not be a sterilized environment; the same as the 800 technological parks the function worldwide.

The purpose of this investment proposal is to found the first High Technology Business Park in China, if of course it is supported from the country’s State structures.

The selection of China is very important because its technology, its know-how and the priorities of its government support our own goals.

The selected area will have to support structures supporting our own investment.

Presentation in other countries

Our investment proposal will be presented in other nations of the E.U. in order to ensure the maximum potential involvement of doctors and medical related businesses and research labs.


Offices and laboratories
Conference and demo areas, libraries, restaurants etc.
A network in communication with research labs across the world and access to large established structures etc
Consulting services (access in funding, know-how, business design and development, marketing, international networking etc.)
Innovation and technology transfer and copyrights
Basic research labs
Conference zone and innovative projects and products exhibition centers
Development zone for innovation that started from the group’s funding

Communication and Information Network

The park’s businesses will have specific platforms for direct and easy communication between research universities and businesses, as well as every possible source of scientific and financial networking for an easier process in the innovations’ development. There will be I.T. platforms using neural networks and artificial intelligence such as:

Platform to produce clinical protocols
Financial networking for Face to Face transactions
Scientific networking platform
Platform for the stock exchange we will create
Platform to organize the unique minds we will assemble as our members
Platform to seek talents in medical research, medical sciences and covering the requirements of the real economy
Creating a network between the research centers and labs to address new businesses
Monitoring platform

Additional Services

Areas for new businesses by the doctors, stockholders and associates
Centers for Technology and Innovation transfers
Cloud medical laboratories for R&D in various topics
Collection, evaluation and verification center for all medical information and applied science
A center that will manage the total knowledge in order to produce social and financial results
A center that will ensure all medical information will have an outlet in doctors and hospitals to benefic treatments
Center to collect all data for applied medicine per disease in order to automatically create medical protocols. We will use 3rd generation neural networks and machine learning
Funding organization center for innovations
Bank area for all the necessary transaction required in the M.S.V
Center for Non-Government Organizations performing humanitarian development projects
Network and sub network management center
Business research center
Risk management center
Control and supervision center for the businesses created from M.S.V. innovations
Scholarship center for scientific talents
Management center for the park’s natural resources
Center to promote methods for social sensitivity
What would propel start-ups worldwide to take part in the M.S.V. either via remote contact or with their physical presence, is the complete services offered at low cost, as well as the low cost of services provided by the laboratories. This amount of knowledge and services cannot be found as well as the collaborations that will be ensured through the M.S.V.

Additionally, the MSV will contribute to the local and international development of small businesses that may be innovative but today they would not have been able to survive due to difficulty in funding.

The M.S.V. will have to be in an area with a high quality in life and infrastructure, such as networks, communication, utilities etc.

Also a major role in its development will be the organized networking of global knowledge of medicine and dozens of others related industries that operate today.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a market that rises constantly and combines high quality of medical services and a tourist experience

Medical Silicon Valley in Tourism

Within our investment proposal we will develop specific platforms that will connect every medical services provider, every insurance company, every hospital and every company that will enable a patient and his relatives for traveling for medical treatment abroad. With a minimum subscription fee, each individual will be able to know.

  1. Where he can receive treatment and with what cost
  2. The loan or donation we can provide him to cover treatment expenses
  3. The companies in the country he chooses to receive treatment that can help him, and with what cost
  4. The centers that can provide temporary stay after the treatment and until the return to his country
This strategy to enter the worldwide market of medical tourism, will break its barriers beyond the theme park and into every country in the world.Some of the services that will be provided in the medical structures of the park will be:

Cosmetic surgery
Assisted reproductive treatments
Dental and eye surgeries
Rehabilitation – Recovery
Quantum treatment
Alternative medicine such as color therapy, hydrotherapy, homeopathic treatments etc.

Despite all above services we can offer also the below ones

Wellness tourism where people have the opportunity to enjoy a spa, massages etc.
Tourism for specific teams for example patients that suffer from kidney problems
Tourism directly connecting to Chinese medicine, Asclepian medicine and Ayurveda where depending on the interested party health and the services requested, an appealing program will be formed
  1. Greece is one of the most important destinations of medical tourism worldwide due to the high quality of medical services and high education of the medical staff as well as tourist infrastructure.
  2. Selective medical tourism where the patient considers cost and quality and travels in another country.
  3. Necessary medical treatment in order to address an emergency.

As a result, the M.S.V. will contribute in the creation of a universal model for applied science, clinical protocols and research as well as developing new funding methods.

We have already developed over 17 funding methods for the research and development, using innovative tools and techniques such as crowd funding, the crypto currency and others that will be unique to us. Finally, the M.S.V. will be the appropriate center for the universal knowledge.

It will additionally promote the universal economic development because it will increase the circulation of knowledge and funds.