Who We Are

We are a team of scientists from many different scientific fields from all over the world, which designed this investmnent proposal about the development a the largest mutli-theme hi-tech park in the world which will target specifically the scientific fieds of medicine and biotechnology.

Our Vision

To create a worldwide web of scientists, doctors, newly founded companies, research center, investors etc. for the future of a better and healthier population
From a NEW IDEA in Practice

Our Process

  1. We will create an international network of scientific and financial connections between medical scientists across the globe to improve the medical conditions and elongate life
  2. We will create a bridge between the real economy and research through international clusters and partnering businesses across nations
  3. We will establish a global medical investment bank that will finance in combination with other sources of funding the medical profession, medical research and development and other medical companies along with robotics and medical biotechnology
  4. We will organize the information of the doctors across the world for the better treatment of all patients that require attention daily
  5. We will connect every company, foundation or N.G.O. to funding sources in order to materialize their goals
  6. We will create a new stock market for innovation businesses of the medical sector

Our Goals

  1. This project is for the purpose of reducing the medical errors and improving the medical conditions using innovative actions and cooperation. The researchers of the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore, under the guide of Professor Martin Makary have resulted that 10% of total fatalities are because of medical error, either in diagnosis or during the operation or treatment. http://lexfortis.gr/malpractice-3rd-death-cause
  2. We will provide organized information to each person performing the medical profession
  3. We will increase the speed of knowledge, applied science and investment capitals for the medical sector
  4. We will help young doctors that lack the financial stability to have their own practice
  5. We can improve the worldwide health, increase the healthy life a person can have, invest on disease prevention tactics, healthy lining and exercise
  6. We are simply doing it for a healthy planet

Objectives & Targets

The objective of the Medical Silicon Valley is:
  1. To host innovative and supportive businesses of the medical sector
  2. To have the basic structure of medical research labs in cooperation with the rest medical labs in the worlds
  3. To encourage the support and development of innovative actions from new companies
  4. To fund medical action in the real economy from our bank
  5. To support every sustainable business initiative
  6. To organize unique and personal thoughts and merge them to try and cure terminal diseases
  7. To increase the circulation of scientific knowledge
  8. To decrease the pharmaceutical expenses
  9. To drastically decrease the high percentages of medical errors that, right now, cost only in U.S.A. over $ 25 billion. Today the percentage of medical errors is close to 8-12% resulting in millions of deaths. http://www.euro.who.int/en/health-topics/Health-systems/patient-safety/data-and-statistics
  10. To contribute in knowledge and funds in national and international networks, innovation and research programs
  11. To provide pension and social insurance in our stock holders
  12. To provide capital and support in international professional clusters
  13. To give loans in priority. Every doctor can be our member
  14. To bring the members of M.S.V. in contact with existing medical structures to efficiently work for the same goals of quickly treating diseases
  15. To highlight people with talent that sometimes find it difficult to find their true purpose
  16. To increase a country’s G.D.P. through a better circulation of funds
  17. To bridge together research, knowledge and innovation building tomorrow’s medicine with fewer mistakes and in minimum time

How we can excel

  1. We will use artificial intelligence technologies to connect scientists, research centers and capitals
  2. We use machine learning to pool all the knowledge that will be acquired. This way we can make better decisions
  3. We will have our own funding system which will bring together other sources of investment capitals
  4. We will create our own stock exchange for businesses of medical technologies
  5. We have developed our own system to seek scientific talents to work in the Medical Silicon Valley
  6. We will reward each person that will volunteer or invest in our organization
  7. We will reinvest profits in new methods of research and development
  8. We will merge the financial results with new capital crating more capital for the medical community
  9. Our values with be directly connected toy our culture


Our strategy will include the following steps:

Creation of a bank, a venture capital, an insurance company, a capital management company and a platform for face to face transactions. The majority of the stocks will be for doctors for reasons we will explain later
Creation of Artificial Intelligent I.T. Platforms, that will create a network between simple ideas that require funding, with applied research in real economy and continuously between innovative businesses with banks and private capitals, international donors and national grants reserved for innovative ideas. We will also connect the innovative businesses and capitals that fund Humanitarian Development projects, planned by DAC committee.(www.oecd.org)
Funding and building the theme park we designed. We will create a hybrid park to provide care for cosmetic surgery, assisted reproduction, dental and eye surgeries, reconstruction and treatment, quantum treatments and alternative medicine such as hydrotherapy, homeopathy etc.
Additional services may also be provided due to high demand.
  1. Wellness tourism where people have the opportunity to enjoy a spa, massages etc
  2. Tourism for specific teams for example patients that suffer from kidney problems
  3. Tourism directly connecting to Chinese medicine, Asclepian medicine and Ayurveda, where depending on the interested party health and the services requested, an appealing program will be formed

Cooperating with us

Doctors from different specialities

Bank risk analysts

Biologists and molecular biologists

Experts in designing innovation startups

Medical software industries

IT and level 5 cryprography experts

The best bankers in the world

6 sigma analysts

Architects from all over the world having Stavros Vidalis as coordinator

Experts in designing green building structures

Executive Board

Founder, President, Risk banker analyst, 6 sigma analyst
Doctorat Paris 2 Sorbonne France
Executive Technical Expert
Business Analyst – Consultant, PRO-ACTION
University of Manchester - Institute of Science and Technology London, United Kingdom
Executive Asset Manager – Treasurer
Banking Expert
Law Expert Executive Advisor
Neurosurgeon MD, PhD at "Saint Savvas" Oncological Hospital, Athens, Greece
Leningrad State University Faculty of Economy